Applying for Bad Credit Auto Financing

Want to buy a car but don’t think your credit is good enough? You’re not the only one out there. You may be tempted to consider bad credit auto financing.

As the name implies, bad credit auto financing is a viable alternative for people who are interested in buying a car but are haunted by a poor credit history and are low on disposable cash.

Here’s what you should know before considering such a loan:

Know your finances – Carefully examine your finances so you have a realistic budget in mind before setting out
on your search for your car. You may also have to lower your expectations for your dream car. Your lender will determine the interest rate on your car loan on the basis of your credit report; a bad credit history will mean higher interest rates. In the US, you can request a free credit report from to know exactly where you stand.

Research other options – Research auto financing options such as banking institutions, credit unions, loan brokers, and auto finance companies. Assess the interest rates and repayment periods they are offering against your requirements. Compare these plans with available car loan options to find out which would be more suitable for you.

Longer loan period – The appeal of a longer loan period is high because it means that you have more time to pay off the loan. However, this also means that the total interest you pay over the loan period may be higher.

Future consideration – You should be aware that if you have bad credit, applying for more auto financing will continue to negatively affect your credit score. In such a situation, consider buying a new car only if it is absolutely necessary. If not, avoid this expensive purchase to pull yourself out of the financial red zone.

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