Car Dealership Auto Finance Loans

An auto or car dealer is someone who sells cars for a living. In addition to selling cars, some auto lenders do collaborate with financial institutions like banks to finance people with auto finance loans. Car dealers are reputed for the role that they play in assisting one to get approved for an auto financing loan. As an individual who intends taking up an auto finance loan there are chances that the thought of approaching an auto lender to assist you in getting access to an auto finance loan must have crossed your mind.

Although approaching an auto lender to finance you with an auto finance loan might increase your chances of securing approval for auto finance, applying for an auto finance loan through an auto lender does has its own challenges and troubles.

Most auto lenders are very corrupt and would not hesitate to scam or rip you off at the slightest opportunity hence, I would recommend that you should never take up an auto finance loan from an auto dealer. Amongst all the scam that most auto lenders might pull on you, the credit score scam is the most popular kind of auto finance scam.

In a bid to get you to take up a bad credit auto finance loan and pay huge interest, some auto dealers might lie to you about your actual credit rating by telling you that it is lower than it actually is. The reason why most auto dealers do this is that they stand to benefit and make a whole lot of money from financing  you with a bad credit auto finance loan when you actually have good credit.

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