Choosing Between a Rebate and Zero-Percent Auto Finance

Consumers always enjoy an increase in competition for the thing that they desire because it means that they are going to get the product at the best rate because of the competitive prices. Even in the lending community, dealers and lenders keep on introducing new offers to attract consumers and then provide them with auto finance. The two biggest offers in the present scenario are zero percent auto finance and rebates and if both are being provided then it can be confusing to select between the two. The following lines can help in making a decision as to which should be selected.

The rebates are reduction in the down payment that has to be provided for the auto finance. The rate of interest remains low and the borrower gets to save more money on rebate and on the interest money saved on the rebate. This counts as a very good offer unless the borrower is being charged with high interest just because the dealer is providing a rebate. Always check how much the rebate is affecting the interest charged and even if some profit is made, then it is a good choice for auto finance. Another offer is zero percent loans. In this the borrower is given the auto finance at nil interest so that he/she can save more money.

Although this does seem like an excellent offer, the borrower should check as to what is the car offered with this offer. Some dealers sell their low selling models on this auto finance and also keep the loan term low. This means that the borrower doesn’t get to choose the vehicle and he/she is also going to pay high monthly installments. This option should be only selected when the borrower gets to select the car that he/she wants or it is already on the offer because to save money with no interest auto finance is considered quite well.


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