Different Auto Finance Options For Used Cars

New cars are progressively expensive, making it difficult for students and low income earners to buy them and have money left for maintenance. In such cases, buying a used car is the better option. These days the attractiveness of used cars matches that of new cars. Cars repossessed from defaulters are practically new as they may have been used for a year or two.

Once you have chosen the car you want, the next important question will be how you want to finance that car. Your auto finance options are three; to buy, lease or pay cash for the car. I will discuss these options below:

Paying Cash

This is the simplest option. All you will do is negotiate with the dealer on the price adding in taxes and fees like title, license and registration. You then pay the seller the total amount.


If your decision is to lease the car, you fill out a credit application and the dealer will shop for an auto finance lease depending on your credit scores and the desired lease length. You also need to decide how much you want to pay upfront. It is recommended that you lease it for three years and pay the minimum amount allowed to start the lease. If your application is approved, you can drive away with your car the very day.

Auto Financing The Car

The application process is the same as when you lease. You can be financed by either the dealership or banks and credit unions. Auto finance by dealerships can be faster and more convenient. However, they cost more. The dealerships normally have some separate companies arranging for auto loans.

After you pay a considerable amount for down payment, monthly payments may be required of you although you are allowed to negotiate for lengthier intervals between payments. Duration is normally three to five years. The monthly installments will, depending on the loan arrangements, include interest rates. You can also decide whether to sell your current car and use the proceeds for down payment or trade-in that car.

Banks and credit unions can issue auto finance covering the whole cost depending on the borrower’s income and credit history. You can either get a secured or unsecured loan. In secured used auto loans you can use any asset, even the car itself, as collateral for the loan.

If you are unable to give collateral you can get an unsecured loan but may pay a higher price for it. Factors like credit history, credit score, financial situation, income and employment proof are key in determining what the interest rates will be.

One advantage to this auto finance option it will help you approach the dealership with a clear budget in mind preventing you from being railroaded into buying a more expensive model than you can afford.

Refinancing is another popular concept in auto finance. When a person has had bad credit, they will incur high rates of interest and contend with it even after their credit improves. Refinancing will you obtain a new loan at a lower interest rate replacing the current high interest loan.

With these options anyone can attain their dream of owning a car despite their financial situation.

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