Fully Financed Auto Finance

With the risking number of lending options available with the borrowers these days, it has become easier to get approved for auto finance and that too at a very decent rate. However, some borrowers don’t look for rates but other benefits in the loan such as not having to provide the down payment, speedy approval and many more other things. These benefits are mostly provided in case strong offers are offered by dealerships or in case of online lending. When the borrower goes to online lenders, then it is possible to get fast approval on loans without a down payment or what is called fully financed auto finance.

However, people wonder whether one should go for fully financed auto loans because most of the loan consultants advice not to. The reason is that the down payment protects applicants from so many problems that might arise in the future and it also helps in saving a lot of money. The fully financed loans might seem good because of the money that the borrower is saving now but the interest charged on it is high. This is because the lender is taking a huge risk by not demanding any incentive and paying the full price of the car. This means that the borrower is paying more interest and more money because the interest is charged on more amounts.

Aside from this, another reason to provide down payment is that it reduces the installments considerably. The applicant gets to save a lot of money each month because of the low monthly installments and the money usually runs into thousands of dollars. The down payment might seem like a lot of money in the present but it is actually an investment which the borrower is going to reap for the future. Hence, provide down payment to get good benefits on auto finance.


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