Getting the Best Deals and Rates with Auto Finance

Getting a car loan has two important factors you would want to consider, the first being the cost of the car and the second is terms you would be getting the auto finance on. When you get finance from a dealer, they would link you up to a lender most probably that is the brand maker, for example, Ford Motor Co., etc.

You obviously have options that getting finance from dealer. If you have a good credit score on you, it means you would get better deals. You have an option of going to your credit union or also to the bank you generally deal with and apply for auto finance help. If you wish to get the lowest interest rates this route would be good enough.

If you get the interest rates other than that of your dealer, this would mean the elimination of a lot of negotiating as then you can decide on your own how you want to spend and how much you want to spend. If you apply for a loan online, it just makes it even easier to get the best deal.

The current rate for national interest charged on auto finance is 6.89% for 3 years and 7.12% on a 48-month loan, 7.32% for a 60-month tenure. It would be slightly higher for a used car; 7.50% for about 36 months. You got to research well and seek out a good finance rate if you are looking at auto finance; it’s not just, by the way, going to come your way.

The first thing that can help in getting a good auto finance deal is having a good and clean credit record. If you have blemishes on your credit record make sure you sort that out before hand and only then apply for a loan. Do not ever take the first offer made to you by the lender; if you are looking at negotiating always approach at the end of the month as the salesmen are freaking out to achieve their targets. Try the above tricks and you can get a good deal for your auto finance.


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