Great Things are Happening in Auto Finance, and You Should Be a Part of the Celebration

Auto finance is changing with the economy. A year ago the Big Three American auto manufacturers, GM (General Motors), Ford, and Chrysler were out business, and their futures were gone, by all media accounts.  Americans weren’t buying American vehicles.  A year later, the tides have turned and so has auto finance. 

There are great incentives available for new auto finance.  If you’re in the market for a new car, the following automobile cash rebates and/or bonus cash offers are yours for the taking.  GMC has the following makes and models on their list of autos; Chevy Traverse, Chevy Malibu, GMC Arcadia.  BMW has the 5-Series and Buick has its Enclave in the mixture.  Mazda, Hyundai and Toyota are also offering incentives on their new vehicles.  Just about every car manufacturer is offering great deals on new cars.

If a new car is not in your budget, there are also great deals on auto finance for preowned or used vehicles.  Many of the online auto finance companies have services on their sites that allow you to calculate your monthly auto payment amount based on the amount financed.  This great tool can be used for you to determine what you can afford before you get to the dealership.  Using this tool prepares you for negotiations if needed on pricing your dream vehicle and allows you to select what deal is best for you.  You can choose from a multitude of lenders and financing alternatives.

So come and celebrate!


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