I am at My Next Step: Auto Financing

I bought that new car I always wanted. The negotiations went smoothly and we agreed on a price and a delivery date, now I need auto financing. The salesman has taken me into the finance officer, and he told me of all of the things I needed to keep my car in good shape and safe. First I would need an extended warranty in the event something should go wrong when the warranty expires. After the automobile is a machine and machines have a way of going wrong at the wrong time. Second I would need undercoating to keep my car from rusting out. Third I would need an alarm system, and I would have a couple to choose from. After all, there is a high volume of car thefts, and I want my car to be protected.

All of this sounds good and reasonable and all of these items will be added to your auto financing. What the finance officer did not tell you is that they need to sell you these items because this is where the dealership makes its money.

The extended warranty is not a dire necessity and neither is the undercoating. As for the alarm system, there are many alarm systems of a better quality, and they do more than the one offered by the dealership. You can get a good quality alarm system online. These are only three of the many things that the finance officers of dealerships offer, there are more. Your auto financing should be free and clear of any extra fees.


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