Obtaining Auto Financing After Bankruptcy

Bankrupt? Need a car? Obtaining auto financing after you experience a bankruptcy can be a cumbersome task. Lenders are going to doubt your capability to repay and make payments on time and may never approve your loan application. Further, you will have to put up some collateral to obtain auto financing even if the lender agrees to fund your car loan.

So how do you get a car after a bankruptcy? Typically when you file for bankruptcy, your assets are auctioned to clear off what you owe. However, you can apply for a car loan as soon as your bankruptcy closes.

You will have to create a report that explains the reasons for your bankruptcy. You should also take care that the accounts mentioned in the report are closed properly. You will also have to show how much you can afford to pay for the monthly installments. If you want to pay lower amounts, you can opt for longer periods, such as 5 years or higher. If you can afford to pay big amounts, go for smaller periods like 2 years to save on the interest. Normally, people prefer longer duration auto financing after bankruptcy so that their credit score improves gradually.

You can then find a broker to help you out in finding an auto financing lender.
Brokers have several contacts so they can easily convince the lenders to lend you the money. However, you will have to pay some fee to the broker for this service. Another advantage in working with the broker is that they have the knowledge in dealing with people who want to obtain auto financing after experiencing a bankruptcy so they can help you better formulate your report.

You should be able to find reputable auto loan lenders online. Their services are usually less costly and you have more chances of getting your loan approved online than you do anywhere else. Online auto financing services are fast too. The paperwork is always less and all you have to do is apply in most cases and you will get approved.

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