Securing An Interest-Free Auto Finance Loan

Buying a car is always on almost everyone’s to-do list as we grow up. However, with time we realize that owning a car is way too difficult and expensive. Even with a well paying job, many of us still find it a challenge saving up 15 – 20% of the car’s price as down payment. Auto financing has always been the solution to this problem but the high rate charges makes the purchasing of a vehicle more expensive.

Nevertheless, there is some good news in the name of 0% financing. Zero per cent car financing are deals offered by finance companies affiliated to the vehicle manufacturers such as Ford Auto Credit, Mazda Auto Credit and Toyota Financial Services. They offer car loans at no interest rates mainly to increase sales.

Finding these deals can also be problematic because normally they are promotions that may only last a few weeks or a month at most. The terms and conditions for qualification are also very stringent; one must have a good credit score ranging from 680 to 720; the car must be pledged as collateral with the manufacturer or the dealer; and finally, you must have a steady income.

The best ways to get this kind of deal is either by being a frequent customer to the car dealers or through the internet. The former is basically based on luck while the latter is a sure way. Through the internet, you can search for websites specializing in availing zero per cent financing offers to car shoppers then you can apply online. Once your credit is approved and dealers offering 0% car deals are available within your area, you could walk into a dealer’s lot and drive out within 24 hours. That would definitely be awesome, would it not be?

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