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Where You Should Go For Good Auto Financing

Friday, September 24th, 2010

Unlike what many people assume you cannot find good auto financing by just walking over to your nearest car dealership or bank. Part of finding good auto financing is knowing exactly what type of financing you need. You should also know what type of car you want to purchase and what you can afford. Many people overlook these steps in their haste to get auto financing as soon as possible which can often lead them to getting very expensive auto financing. Read More…

The Basics Of Getting Good Auto Financing

Thursday, September 23rd, 2010

Many times people that need auto financing will often just visit their nearest car dealership, which even though is not the best option is certainly considered the fastest. The most common justification that they give is that it’s easier and much faster to get auto financing from a car dealer as compared to any other place. The fact is that auto dealers are not the ones issuing the financing to these people but rather it’s the auto financing company that they work for. Yes that’s right! These car dealerships actually work for auto financing companies on a commission basis. Read More…